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Hi and welcome to Domestic Engineer Mom. My name is Robbin and I’ve been married for 21 years and we have 4 children, 3 girls, and 1 boy. You might be asking why I choose to be called a Domestic Engineer? Well, I wear very many hats and have huge responsibilities. I’m the one who keeps this well-oiled machine going!

I believe stay at home moms have a huge responsibility and most often under-appreciated. My blog is about trying to find balance with everything I do. Sometimes it’s a total Miss, but that’s LIFE! My blog includes homeschooling, parenting, working from home and raising special needs children with medical needs. It’s all a balance and sometimes it gets a little messy!

I also have been trying to eat clean and live a vegan/plant-based life. Most days I fail but I’m learning. The whole family isn’t on board yet, but one family member at a time is something I’m focusing on. My son has some intestinal and other medical issues so changing up his diet has been proven beneficial. I’m not an expert on most things but I do have lots of advice, tips, and tricks that I’ve found useful and that work.

I’m an encourager to those that want to homeschool. Or if you find homeschooling is a challenge and the answer to that is YES! But if I can do it so can YOU! Also being a parent of special needs children can make you feel isolated at times. I believe that as we talk about the issues we are facing, it will open more doors for advice, to find solutions to the problems that we all may be having.work from home mom

I hope you enjoy the Journey and stay for a while!

Thanks For Stopping By, Robbin


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