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My name is Robbin and I’ve been married for 21 years and have 3 girls and a boy. My blog is about homeschooling, parenting and raising special needs children with medical needs. I also have fallen in love with trying to eat clean and live a vegan/plant-based life. The whole family isn’t on board yet, but one family member at a time is something I’m focusing on. My son has some intestinal and other medical issues so changing up his diet has been proven beneficial. I’m not an expert on most things but I do have lots of advice and tips, tricks that I’ve found useful and that work. I’m an encourager to those that want to homeschool or homeschooling and finding it to be challenging. Being a parent of special needs children can make you feel isolated at times. I believe that as we talk about the issues we are facing, it will open more doors for advice to find solutions to the problems that you may be having.


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