How To Teach Personal Hygiene Using American Girl Books

Teaching Personal Hygiene using American Girl Books.

Personal Hygiene And Using American Girl Books To Teach

Personal Hygiene is a must for all parents to teach to there children, but talking about puberty is a whole other ballgame. I want to start this post out by saying that it’s not an easy task to teach our daughters what I call “the delicate areas of life.”

I have 3 daughters, and they hit puberty at different ages. Their maturity levels and the way they processed their feelings could not have been the total polar opposite.

I know our first 2 had my husband running for the hills. The balance of females was 4 to 2, so he knew when not to question what was going on and just smile and carry on.

Our first 2 daughters are “typical,” and our 3rd daughter has special needs with some medical complications.

Making Teaching Self-Care Easier

But when it came to talking to them about feelings, puberty, self-care, emotions, anger, and many other topics they face today. I loved using The American Girl Books.

The American Girl Books have evolved over the years, but the same principles are still there. I love that they are simple and laid out to where any girl can understand, no matter what maturity level there at.

I think I recall the very first one we bought was “The Body Book For Younger Girls” for our oldest daughter when she was around 11. She was homeschooled, so she probably wasn’t getting all that lovely misinformed conversations about puberty and sex.

You know “that info that girls tell each other because they have read it, watched it on TV, or an older sibling told them.”

Or even worse they get it off the internet! A perfect read for those girls who are shy and don’t really want to talk about what is going on, but still need to know the facts!

The Body Book For Younger Girls

Personal Hygiene for younger girls.

I love the content; it covers a lot. Topics ranging from changing bodies, to exercise, eating habits, and personal hygiene guidance.
It took the awkwardness away of even approaching the topics with my daughters.

Even with our special needs daughter, the book made it very clear and simple for her to follow along.

It makes it clear that every girl is uniquely encountering these issues, on when what, and how it doesn’t make my daughters feel weird about the content.

Learning Positive Body Confidence And Communication

Sensitive issues about body changes have always been a hot topic around here as we were dealing with pre-puberty. I think that this is one subject where you have to take into consideration your own child’s maturity and decide how to approach these sensitive topics.

The book has given my girls the courage to talk about something that they were unsure about. Having an understanding of their body now and not being afraid of the changes taking place.

Personal Hygiene and American Girl BooksI think the book has given them the courage to ask questions and even new vocabulary about the issues they would otherwise not be sure of.

Learning about how to communicate, if that makes any sense. I think it also made them aware of other changes that they were not even aware of.

Good Ways Of Giving Our Daughters Self-Esteem

No matter how you decide to use this book, it is important that you not embarrass your daughter. It is also important that you are there for them and answer questions appropriately and honestly.

If I ever feel that something is inappropriate to talk about, then I honestly tell them, “This isn’t something that is appropriate right now, but we will talk about it soon!”

It’s a very easy read with lots of tasteful pictures.  Q and A pages in case the girl is too shy to ask questions. 

This book doesn’t talk about sex education, but it does talk about what happens with the female body as it goes through adolescence. I highly recommend this book to all parents with daughters.

It’s just an easy way to talk about the female body as it “grows up.”

The Body Book For Older Girls

The 2nd book for the older girls further discusses what they will need to know to take care of themselves as they turn in to young ladies. This helps girls understand that getting older and everything changing is ok.

It also helps them articulate in ways they didn’t know how to express themselves. I love that this is a continuation of the first book.

As always you be the judge where your daughter might be maturity wise. This is not a sex education book. If you have a daughter that is maturing more slowly or even a special needs child, then these books are such a huge help.

I only just started introducing this one to our 3rd daughter, and she’s already 13. She is special needs, so her maturity level is not the same as with her 2 older sisters.

Personal Hygiene And Our Changing Bodies

Topics like personal hygiene, taking proper care of yourself mentally and physically. Covering topics on picking the right bra, brushing teeth, taking care of your hair, period basics, moods, peer pressure and learning to like yourself.

This talks more in-depth about a young girls changing body.

The book dives in deeper on how to ask questions. Teaches them they are not alone because every girl goes through these things.

We just experience changes at different times. Teaching girls that their parents are there for them and encourages them to open up. Has plenty of Q & A to discuss.

I never thought Teaching Personal Hygiene could be even easier.

Personal Hygiene for older preteens using American Girl Books

I encourage parents to engage with there daughters and make this a great learning experience. Learning how to communicate when girls are younger will help them feel more trusting and open.

They will continue to trust you with other topics that they may be going through. American Girl Books are absolutely hands down the easiest ways to approach topics that may be uneasy to discuss.

The flow of the books is awesome!

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