Welcome to The Simple Dandy Life!

Welcome to the Life of a stay at home mom. My name is Robbin and I’m married with 4 children. I’m a stay at home momma with a whole lot to say!

I so LOVE my Family and enjoy spending time with them. I don’t really have any hobbies but I do love the thought of one day being able to travel more.

I like peacocks and anything sea themed. We have 2 special needs children that require much care. So I could just say that “I’m winging it” most days!

It has taken me about 44 years to become comfortable in my own skin but don’t get me wrong “I have a lot of those off days”

I’m definitely no superwoman! I want to share and offer advice on what works for us including, homeschooling, motherhood, raising special needs children, married life, eating healthier.

I have lots of struggles on a weekly basis but also have learned a lot of lessons through those times.

I’m starting a blog to cover all those areas of my life in hopes to bring some encouragement to others that will find it useful.

I really hope that you will follow me and encourage you to comment!

stay at home mom
Doing school at the Haven House. No REST for the WEARY!!!


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