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Looking At The New Face Of A Domestic Engineer


Are you a work from home mom? Do you call yourself a homemaker or a stay at home mom? I guess it depends on the person you are talking to. Honestly, I don’t call myself any of these anymore.

I would have to admit, if you asked me that question a few years ago, I would hesitantly say I was a stay at home mom. Like my worth wasn’t as much as a mom that works outside the home.

I don’t know why I bought into the fact that my job wasn’t as important as a mother that works outside the home. Actually, I think some of it had to do with my self worth, how I was brought up, and comments I heard about mothers that stayed at home while I grew up. work from home mom

Which brings me to ask you this. If you are a work from home mom, what responsibilities do you have? How many hats are you wearing?

Who is a Domestic Engineer? Well, that would be ME! You know, I actually didn’t even know what that meant.

A few years ago I was sitting in an admission office signing papers for our son to have a procedure done. The woman asked me if I worked and I said no, “I stay at home.”

She corrected me and said, “You are a domestic engineer.” I thought to myself, WOW! Don’t ask me why I was astounded by what she said. It has stuck with me ever since.

The duties of a domestic engineer have definitely evolved over the years. I think we are wearing more hats than ever before. We are taking on so much more than our own mothers did, that is if they were also a stay at home mom.

Moms are taking on and tackling more responsibilities than ever before. Becoming entrepreneurs and building our own businesses right from our own homes.

We are putting our children’s educations in our hands and educating them from home. Life is very busy and we are in charge of making sure that our family is getting where they need to go.

We are making the plans, building the foundations for our family to be to thrive. Taking that very seriously now. I want to be successful, my husband to be successful and my children to also see me as a role model.

A good engineer plans, builds, and masterminds structures that can stand. You want to start with a rock-solid bottom and that’s where I come in at.

Why Do You Want To Be A Work From Home Mom?

I don’t believe I ever intended on being the mom that stayed home and took care of her kids full time. Really never seen myself as a homeschooler. Didn’t really think I had it in me. Let alone be a work from home mom.

So let’s fast forward and get to the point.

How did I become a work from home mom?

Just to add, being a stay at home mom is a 24/7 job.

I want to set up two scenarios here. Let’s say if MONEY isn’t an issue, you don’t need the EXTRA INCOME, then WHY would you want to add another project or commitment to your from home mom

The second one is that you really want to be able to stay at home. You want to be at home with your children, be your own boss, set your own hours, or whatever is the need to be at home.

But the obstacle is YOU HAVE TO HAVE A SECOND INCOME! Or maybe you are the only provider and need that income. So how do you go about doing this?

For us, it’s a unique situation because I have been at home for 20 years with my children, and I homeschool. We have 2 special needs children that require a lot of care. It’s what makes sense for us.

On the other hand, I have to add that I need to be able to secure my own financial future. What if something happened and I had to find a way to support myself and our 2 youngest. I have been out of the workforce for 20 years.

These things happen, unfortunately. I want to know that I have that security. God forbid that something would happen to my husband and we would lose that income.

The only reason why I’m setting these scenarios up is that I really want to drive this point home! I do believe in most cases we can all use the extra income.

You need to decide to help yourself before you can help others. It took me many years to get to this point and there is no looking back now!

How I Became A Work From Home Mom


If you are going to start a blog and build a business from it you really have to take it seriously! Consistency and being dedicated is key to making a success with what you create.

I’ve been on the sideline for several years watching and following other bloggers doing their thing. I wanted to start a blog and share to the world how we as a family conquer life. We definitely have a unique story and I wanted to share that.

So I just jumped in and with the info, I had at the time I created a blog, wrote some content, and hit publish! Well, guess what I failed and failed miserably! I had no clue what I was doing!

The more clueless I was the more money I spent to try to make it happen. I became frustrated and thought this must all be a scam or maybe only the ELITE could make it happen. Or I just missed the boat of opportunity for sure.

Time went by and I knew, I had time to reflect that something was missing. Why couldn’t I make a go with this blogging thing? I’m missing some foundational components but how do I find what I’m looking for if I don’t know where to start?

Knowing I didn’t want to blog for a hobby or do it as a side business. I wanted to be able to turn this into a from home mom

These are the things you do need to know:

  • Consistency
  • Dedication
  • Create Quality Content That Stands Out
  • You Are Solving Problems
  • Be Engaging And Entertaining

You need to find a community that is willing to help you out. Where you can ask questions. A step by step process of how you get from point A to point B.

This is what I needed just didn’t know it until I was up late one night searching on Pinterest for some homeschooling printables. I came across a pin that had nothing to do with homeschooling but it caught my attention.

So I clicked it and it went to a blog about how to start a blog and how to make it successful. I thought to myself “well isn’t this great, someone else saying they knew how you can build a business from blogging”.

Been there done that! Heard that one and bought into that one too many times.

I went ahead and finished reading through and came to the conclusion that I would sign up. It didn’t cost me anything and I would go through this boot camp and see how this would all work.

Well, I’m extremely happy I did! Really didn’t know crap about blogging and everything I tried before was never going to work. Just don’t think my mind would have been open to this if I hadn’t been totally frustrated already.

I don’t know if blogging is the answer for you. You really need to give yourself the opportunity to create something that you will be proud of and to make a difference for yourself.

Click here to see if this is what you are looking for

Here is the start to a better future and becoming a Domestic Engineer Mom!

Domestic Engineer Mom

Robbin Tate

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